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Service Business Software Features

Software Feature List for Service Genius

This Feature List shows which features are included with the different versions of our multi-functional employee and job scheduling software.






Add-on Module


# Technicians

<5 <10 Unlimited

# Admin Users

1 2 2 Additional admin users can be purchased separately

Customer/CRM Features

Basic Functions
Multiple Work Locations You can record multiple work addresses for each customer.
Browse Locations
User-Defined Fields
Source Field The Source field defines where the customer (or lead) first heard of your company
Easy Access to Other Screens
Jobs Tab
Time-Stamped Notes Notes which are stamped with date and time, recording all interactions with a customer or lead
Message Intake System
Unlimited Phones and Email Addresses for Customers
Tags Feature Enables you to create tags which can be applied to a customer record. Then, you can search and sort by those tag values.

Reminders System

User can set reminders for users - concerning customers and employees

Employee Information

Basic Functions

Team Information

Assemble Teams
Color Code Teams

Work Codes

Maintain Service Categories

Job Scheduling Software

Job Calendar
Weekly Job Calendar (Job Calendar with colors) (Job Calendar All Teams)
Job Calendar Daily Teams - New (3rd) Calendar screen for SG with Special features. Special features include: Display emps on calendar & allow user to drag and drop emps from one team to another, causing emps assigned to the jobs for that team to be changed accordingly.
Recurring Scheduling
Job Notes
One-Time Changes
Entire Schedule Changes
Display Options (changes what is displayed on job calendars -- bus. Name, last name, location id, etc.)
Job Completions
Weekly Dispatch Calendar
Daily Dispatch Calendar
SMS Text Messaging
Job resizing based on job length & # emps

Accounts Receivable

Account History
Combined Invoicing
Credit Card/ACH Processing User must sign up for service with one of our approved Payment Processing companies. Currently only available in the U.S. and Canada
Record Sales Tax (VAT/GST) by Location
Combination Fixed Charges and Hourly Charges "User can charge some items as 'fixed charge"" and some as hourly charge services"


Flexible Payroll Options
Ability To Track 6 Payroll Rates and Hours

QuickBooks Interface

QuickBooks Online Data Sync Utility

Xero Interface

Xero Interface

Mapping Capabilities

Job Directions


Invoice-Style Estimates

Email Module

Email Job Reminders
Email Job Tickets
Email Invoices

Multi-User Options

Multiple Users Scheduling Simultaneously

Customer Portal

Request appointment
See Account Info
Pay Bills

Employee Portal

See scheduled jobs
Indicate jobs completed
Employee can report an absence. Request an absence?

SM-Mobile Interface Users

✔ (2) ✔ (3) ✔ (4) Additional licenses available for additional mobile users (additional costs apply)

SMS Text Messaging

2-way Text Messaging A fee is charged for each message. Also, a monthly fee to maintain your own phone number for SMS purposes.

Pay Now Invoice

+$10/month (if not Ent version) User must sign up for credit card processing with one of our approved Payment Processors

Remote job booking form (Allow customers to book a job on your website)


Import Lead Information from User's website

+$22/month Subject to volume of leads
$79/month $119/month $149/month

Additional Admin users

+$10/month +$12/month +$16/month

Additional SM-Mobile users

+$10/month +$10/month +$10/month

Data Transfer from Scheduling Manager Gemini

$500 $500 $500 Fee may be waived or reduced in special circumstances


Prices subject to change. Check with Thoughtful Systems representative.
Prices do not include sales tax in the U.S.