Fitness Equipment Maintenance Business Software

Exercise and Fitness Equipment Maintenance is one of the few maintenance and repair industries in the US that is seeing huge growth and annual increases in revenue.

The fitness equipment market is poised for significant growth, with industry specialists predicting that by 2023, its size will exceed $13.5 billion. The continuous increase in the number of gym memberships in the US, coupled with the surging popularity of new high-tech personalized fitness trends, ensures that the fitness equipment maintenance business can be a profitable venture for decades to come.

Success in this rapidly evolving industry requires business owners to stay abreast of the latest technological and social trends in health and fitness, always remaining one step ahead of the competition in terms of efficient maintenance and excellent customer care.

While gym/health clubs, hospitals, offices, and hotels have traditionally been the main sources of revenue for fitness equipment maintenance and repair businesses, the industry’s future lies in the growth of the personalized health market. This growth is driven by smartphone fitness apps and the increasing popularity of small “boutique” health clubs and personal trainers. The appeal of smarter and more specialized exercise technology is growing, and fitness equipment is adapting to the latest trends by incorporating bio-tracking technology, entertainment devices, and connectivity to wearable devices and social apps. Even old equipment can be upgraded, breathing new life into it and aligning with the changing landscape of fitness preferences.

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Despite the rapidly changing technological landscape in the fitness equipment maintenance and repair industry, certain key requirements for business success remain constant: maintaining equipment is a meticulously scheduled process that demands high efficiency and attention to detail. Implementing preventive maintenance, conducting regular scheduled inspections, and ensuring a swift emergency response time are crucial factors that contribute to keeping the equipment operational for years and fostering customer loyalty.

Thoughtful Systems has been at the forefront of developing customized software for fitness and exercise maintenance businesses in the US, UK, Australia, and other countries for over 25 years. Our Service Genius program serves as a comprehensive business management solution, encompassing all the necessary functionality to successfully run a fitness equipment maintenance business within one integrated software package.

Top Service Genius Features for Fitness Equipment and Repair Business

Flexible Scheduling

Service Genius offers easy scheduling for any recurrent frequency, providing multiple drag-and-drop calendars for efficient planning. With at-a-glance visibility of employee availability, the software simplifies the scheduling process, allowing businesses to manage recurring appointments seamlessly. The drag-and-drop calendars enhance flexibility and enable quick adjustments, contributing to efficient workforce management.

GPS Mapping and Route Optimization

Service Genius provides mapping and route optimization features for service businesses, helping to map and optimize service routes to save both time and money. This functionality ensures that businesses can plan efficient routes for their service technicians, reducing travel time and increasing overall productivity. By streamlining route planning, Service Genius contributes to cost savings and improved operational efficiency for service-based businesses.

Accurate Equipment Tracking

Service Genius enables businesses to keep track of all customers’ equipment efficiently. With this software, you can attach equipment to specific locations, ensuring accurate record-keeping. Additionally, you have the capability to assign specific pieces of equipment to jobs, facilitating streamlined management and organization of equipment-related tasks. This feature contributes to improved efficiency and precision in handling customer equipment for service businesses.

Efficient Inventory Management

Service Genius provides businesses with the capability to store item information, manage manufacturers and vendors, and create purchase orders. This feature enables efficient inventory management by maintaining detailed records of items, their sources, and relevant purchase details. With the ability to generate purchase orders directly within the software, businesses can streamline their procurement processes, enhancing overall organization and control over inventory management.

"The feature where I can automatically update the charge rate for all clients who have a certain procedure saves me countless hours..."
James Cramer,
Allied, Mobile, AL