Handyman Business Software

While having skilled employees is an essential component of running a profitable handyman business, so is having effective management and marketing tools.

Learning how to manage time and money, price and estimate projects for profit, and effectively market your services to current customers and leads are crucial to handyman business success.

Thoughtful Systems has been creating and perfecting Service Genius software for handyman businesses for over 25 years. We included many features in our software long before our competitors, and we continue to travel on the leading edge of software development. Over this time, we have learned that successful handyman businesses are versatile and flexible and we have incorporated many effective tools to make your handyman business more efficient and more profitable.

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Benefits of Using Service Genius for Your Handyman Business

Manage your time effectively

Efficient and flexible scheduling

We understand that handyman business software requires flexible scheduling options to accommodate various customer needs. Some customers may require one-time services, while others may prefer regularly scheduled maintenance. For instance, a homeowner might need exterior work before selling their house, while another may want seasonal maintenance.

With over 9 different calendars available in Service Genius, you can easily view, edit, and complete your jobs. The software provides a user-friendly interface, allowing you to drag-and-drop to change job schedules or assign different employees to specific tasks. This flexibility ensures that handyman businesses can adapt to different job types and scheduling preferences.

Effective employee management

The SM-Mobile App offers a tracking feature that records your employees’ arrival and departure times for every job site. With GPS functionality, the app records the location of each employee at regular intervals. When an employee checks in for a job using the mobile app, the time and GPS location are automatically recorded. This feature provides a reliable way to verify the actual on-site times of your employees, enabling accurate billing for your customers based on the verified information.

Service Genius’s Mapping and Route Optimization feature displays the best directions and routes for all your scheduled jobs. It automatically reorders jobs to minimize driving distance, helping you save time and money. This functionality ensures that your employees are always on time, contributing to more satisfied customers. The efficient routing provided by this feature enhances overall operational effectiveness for your service-based business.

Develop good customer relations management (CRM)

Presenting a professional and efficient image is crucial for the success of any handyman business, and Service Genius offers numerous powerful Customer Relations Management (CRM) tools to help maintain and grow your customer base.

Quality Control is a significant aspect, and Service Genius allows you to record ratings and comments received from your customers for each job. The software enables you to generate reports that show your employees’ ratings and average ratings. This feature assists you in determining which employees are performing better than others, becoming an essential tool for many users to maintain the quality of the services they provide.

Use accurate Business Intelligence for effective marketing

Marketing plays a crucial role in building a successful handyman business, and Service Genius for handyman businesses provides tools to track and effectively manage every stage of your sales and marketing process directly from the program. This integrated approach allows you to streamline your marketing efforts, making them more efficient and cost-effective. By using Service Genius, you can better understand your sales prospects, keep extensive notes on interactions with leads and clients, and create targeted marketing campaigns to reach your audience more effectively.

Sales Tracking

With our Service Genius’s Sales Tracking features, you always know how the business is doing at any moment. Determine exactly which advertising methods work best for your business and where the most new customers come from.

Sales by Work Code Analysis

Analyze which Work Codes are profitable and which are not and choose to focus on job tasks that result in the most profit for your company.

Budget vs. Actual Sales Report

“Budget vs.Actual” analysis is necessary to compare estimated results with actual results.The report will help to evaluate your business performance, forecast future income, and identify any operational areas that are performing differently than expected.

"The feature where I can automatically update the charge rate for all clients who have a certain procedure saves me countless hours..."
James Cramer,
Allied, Mobile, AL