Irrigation Services Business Software

The irrigation services industry has been rapidly evolving, with many technological advances becoming available in the last decade. Growing concerns about water efficiency and a whole new market of smart connected irrigation control devices, provide a multitude of additional tools and services for efficient irrigation and water management that your business can provide for potential and existing customers.

Absolutely! Service Genius software for irrigation services is designed to bring efficiency and automation to various aspects of your business. By integrating and streamlining tasks such as scheduling, employee management, and accounting, you can eliminate unnecessary paperwork and reduce manual efforts. This allows you to redirect your time and resources towards marketing, customer service, and other areas that contribute to the overall success and profitability of your irrigation services business.

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Top Benefits of Service Genius Software for Irrigation Services Business

Save Money with Route Optimization

Using our new route optimization interface you can route and optimize dozens of points per day, automatically reordering jobs to minimize driving distance.  

One of our lawn care business users in Florida regularly schedules up to 65 jobs per team per day during their busy spring and summer seasons. With a single mouse click, they are able to optimize all of their jobs for each route for the day, displaying the directions on the map within seconds.

By optimizing roughly 150 jobs per day, their business is able to cut their mileage and driving time in half, reducing their driving by 200 miles per day on average. They have calculated that this saves them $20,000 per year in saved gas mileage and employee time costs!

Mapping and Route Optimization

Integrated mapping features help you determine optimal routes, calculate travel time between jobs, and assign the best technician for each job using the “Find the Best Employee” feature. These features suggest job booking based on employee locations, reducing travel times between jobs and increasing efficiency. Mapping tools also optimize daily routes for each technician, saving time and lowering your company’s expenses.

SM-Mobile App for Your Employees in the Field

The SM-Mobile App, compatible with Android and Apple mobile devices, serves as a valuable tool for both field employees and back-office staff. By providing real-time updates on daily job schedules and client needs, the app facilitates efficient communication between the field and the home office. This not only eliminates unnecessary paperwork and double entry but also streamlines various business processes, contributing to improved overall productivity and effectiveness in managing irrigation services.

Equipment Allocation & Tracking

Our Equipment Manager module tracks all information regarding the various pieces of equipment for your customers as well as the necessary parts information for the equipment. Easily track each specific piece of equipment and allocate your resources efficiently.

"The feature where I can automatically update the charge rate for all clients who have a certain procedure saves me countless hours..."
James Cramer,
Allied, Mobile, AL