Pest Control and Exterminating Business Software

Pest Control business owners know that their industry demands specialized pest control software.

Service Genius for pest control businesses is a powerful and flexible software solution developed by Thoughtful Systems. With nearly thirty years of experience in providing scheduling and management software for the pest control industry, the platform has evolved to meet the precise and diverse needs of businesses in this field. Feedback from pest control clients has been crucial in refining and customizing the software, making it a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes. The software is designed to address the specific challenges of pest control operations and help businesses optimize their processes for efficiency and profitability.

Service Genius for pest control businesses is a comprehensive and integrated software package designed to address various aspects of your business operations. The software includes features such as job scheduling, workforce management, accounting, payroll, and mapping. Whether you are a startup or a large enterprise in the pest control industry, Service Genius is tailored to assist your business at every stage of growth.

The software is user-friendly, making it easy to learn and implement. As you continue to use the software, it gathers analytical data about your business. This data can then be utilized with the comprehensive reporting and business intelligence tools within Service Genius. These tools empower you to make informed decisions, optimize your services, and contribute to the overall growth and profitability of your pest control business.

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Service Genius Software for Pest Control & Exterminating Business

Wide variety of scheduling frequencies

Service Genius for pest control businesses offers flexibility in scheduling routine and specialized jobs. The software allows you to set different frequencies for various tasks, such as inspections, certifications, and fumigations. Whether the job needs to be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, every few months, annually, or any other customized frequency, the software accommodates the diverse needs of your business.

Additionally, the reminder feature in Service Genius enables you to send automated reminder emails to clients at selected intervals after the last job was performed. This helps in keeping your clients informed and ensures that they are aware of upcoming inspections or preventative steps, contributing to better customer service and satisfaction.

Specialized management tools to track pests and pesticide use

Service Genius for pest control businesses offers efficient tracking of extermination tasks specialized for various pests. The software allows you to record and keep track of which pests are due to be targeted for each customer, location, and job. Moreover, it enables you to record the pests that were successfully eliminated at each premise.

The specialized reports in Service Genius provide detailed information about the targeted pests and the chemicals used in each job. With a comprehensive list of 80,000 EPA chemicals pre-entered in the system, you can easily access accurate tracking and recording without spending time on manual data entry. Additionally, Service Genius automates paperwork completion and generates a Pesticide Use report tailored to meet the specific requirements of your state, ensuring compliance with regulations.

SM-Mobile App for Your Pest Control Techs

The SM-Mobile App offers a mobile solution for your pest control business, seamlessly integrating with Service Genius. Accessible on both Android and Apple devices, this app empowers your technicians with the ability to check their daily work schedule and view client notes directly from their mobile devices. With SM-Mobile, your employees can take on-site notes, record chemical usage, complete jobs, and edit estimates and custom PDF forms in the field. The app supports additional line items or requests, allowing technicians to capture job-related photos, record client signatures, generate invoices, receive payments, and perform various other functions on the go. This mobile solution enhances the efficiency and flexibility of your pest control operations.

Equipment Tracking and Maintenance

The Equipment Tracking Module in Service Genius allows you to efficiently manage and monitor your pest control equipment. Whether it’s fumigation tents, blowing fans, or other essential assets, you can record their location and set specific time durations for leaving them on site. The system then generates automatic reminders for equipment retrieval, ensuring that you stay organized and prevent any oversights. Additionally, you can use the module to keep detailed records of inventory parts, track maintenance activities, and maintain a comprehensive overview of your pest control assets. This feature contributes to effective equipment management and enhances the overall operational efficiency of your pest control business.

Comprehensive Accounts Receivable features

The integrated accounts receivable functions in Service Genius for pest control businesses streamline the invoicing process. Invoices are automatically generated upon completion of a job, providing a quick and efficient way to manage customer billing. The software allows you to access real-time account balance information for each customer, facilitating prompt and accurate financial tracking. Moreover, Service Genius offers seamless integration with popular accounting packages such as QuickBooks, Sage, MYOB, and others. This ensures smooth collaboration between your scheduling and accounting processes, enhancing overall financial management within your pest control business.

Route Optimization

The sophisticated mapping tools in Service Genius provide powerful route optimization capabilities for pest control technicians. By analyzing the daily job schedule, the software intelligently optimizes routes, minimizing travel time between appointments and reducing overall fuel expenses. This feature is particularly valuable for pest control businesses, as it significantly enhances operational efficiency and helps save costs associated with vehicle mileage. The route optimization tool in Service Genius acts as a strategic asset, contributing to the overall success and profitability of your pest control business.

"The support and technical help that our business receives from Thoughtful Systems is above and beyond. Anytime we call them for assistance they are happy to help us…I would recommend Thoughtful Systems and the Service Genius program to any business. If at first this system does not quite fit your needs just let the helpful people at Thoughtful Systems know and they will be happy to customize the program to your needs."
Carolyn Allen,
Safeway Exterminating Company

GPS Tracking

The GPS tracking feature in the SM-Mobile App for pest control businesses provides real-time location tracking for technicians. It records the arrival and departure times of employees at each job site and tracks the time spent on each job. This information is valuable for verifying the accuracy of employee work hours, ensuring that clients are billed correctly. The GPS tracking feature enhances accountability and transparency in workforce management, allowing for precise records of employee activities in the field.

Ability to customize the software for your business

Our Thoughtful Systems technical staff is always ready to listen and work with pest control clients to customize the Service Genius software to their needs. When Innovative Pest Control in North Carolina requested a more efficient way to track their recurring clients, our Thoughtful Systems programming team worked closely with them to create a “Job Confirmation Calendar,” available right on their scheduling screen. All customers who are due for a job for the present month are visible on the right side of the scheduling screen. Those jobs that still need a confirmation are highlighted in red, so you simply click the customer’s name and call them with a reminder or a confirmation right from the screen.