Pest Control and Exterminating Business Software

Pest Control business owners know that their industry demands specialized pest control software.

Pest control business owners understand the need for specialized software tailored to their industry’s unique demands. A one-size-fits-all approach isn’t effective in this industry. To address the diverse requirements of running a pest control business, management software must be precise and flexible. Thoughtful Systems has been providing scheduling and management software for the pest control industry for nearly thirty years. We’ve honed a powerful and adaptable software package designed to meet the specific needs of pest control businesses.

Service Genius for pest control businesses is an integrated software solution that encompasses job scheduling, workforce management, accounting, payroll, mapping features, and more. This software facilitates the growth of your business, from startup to enterprise. Service Genius is easy to learn and get started with, and as you accumulate data about your business, you can utilize its comprehensive reporting and business intelligence tools to expand your company and offer profitable services.

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"We've been using Thoughtful Systems software for nearly 7 years. The platform is exceptionally stable, saving us hundreds of hours annually by providing a comprehensive solution for customer service and tracking requirements. Without a doubt, our investment in Thoughtful Systems software was the right decision."
Jerry Kovach,
Owner at Amazon Cleaning LLC, Atlanta, GA

Service Genius Software for Pest Control & Exterminating Business

Wide variety of scheduling frequencies

Pest control businesses often manage a range of routine and specialized jobs scheduled at different frequencies, such as inspections, certifications, and fumigations. Service Genius can handle various scheduling frequencies, including weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or any customized frequency. It also sends reminder emails to clients at selected intervals after their last service to prompt inspections or preventive measures.

Specialized management tools to track pests and pesticide use

The software efficiently tracks all extermination tasks specialized for various pests. You can record which pests need targeting for each customer, location, and job, as well as which pests were successfully eliminated at each premise. Specialized reports help you monitor the pests being targeted and the chemicals used, with a comprehensive list of 80,000 EPA chemicals available for accurate tracking.

SM-Mobile App for Your Pest Control Techs

The SM-Mobile App is compatible with Android and Apple devices, allowing technicians to access their schedules, view client notes, take notes, record chemical usage, complete jobs, edit estimates, take job-related photos, capture client signatures, produce invoices, receive payments, and more in the field.

Equipment Tracking and Maintenance

The Equipment Tracking Module enables you to monitor the location of your equipment and set reminders for retrieval. You can also record inventory parts used and maintenance performed on each piece of equipment.

Comprehensive Accounts Receivable features

The software automates invoice creation upon job completion and provides real-time account balance information. It interfaces with popular accounting packages such as QuickBooks, Sage, and MYOB.

Route Optimization

Mapping tools help optimize routes for pest control technicians based on their daily schedules, reducing time spent between jobs and fuel costs.

"The support and technical help that our business receives from Thoughtful Systems is above and beyond. Anytime we call them for assistance they are happy to help us… I would recommend Thoughtful Systems and the Service Genius program to any business. If at first this system does not quite fit your needs just let the helpful people at Thoughtful Systems know and they will be happy to customize the program to your needs."
Carolyn Allen,
Safeway Exterminating Company

GPS Tracking

The GPS tracking feature records technicians’ arrival and departure times at job sites, allowing you to verify their on-site presence and maintain accurate records for billing.

Ability to customize the software for your business

Thoughtful Systems offers customization options to meet specific business needs, from location and climatic conditions to pest variety and pesticide tracking.

With Thoughtful Systems’ Service Genius, you can take your pest control business to the next level, benefiting from decades of experience and the flexibility to adapt to your unique requirements.