Restoration Cleaning Business Software

The two most important changes in the restoration cleaning industry over the last two decades are the increased use of technology and software tools for business management and the move toward more health-conscious use of chemicals, equipment and cleaning and restoration techniques.

The increased awareness and concern about health risks associated with mold, lead, and asbestos have driven a growing demand for remediation services and green restoration practices. People are increasingly mindful of using safe and environmentally friendly products in their homes. This green trend is crucial for cleaning services businesses, especially in the restoration cleaning sector.

Marketing in the restoration cleaning industry has evolved with new technologies and changing customer needs. Mere claims of using ecologically safe products are no longer sufficient. Customers now seek tangible evidence of safety and green practices. As a result, restoration cleaning businesses are adopting real changes in the types of products they use and leveraging marketing to educate customers rather than just sell to them.

As the restoration cleaning industry continues to evolve, having proper business management software tools that can adapt and grow with your business is essential. Our Service Genius for Restoration Cleaning Service is the ideal software solution to assist you in efficiently managing your business.

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Top Service Genius Features for Restoration Cleaning Business

Grow Your Business and Increase Profits

Regardless of whether you’re a startup or an established business, software has become a crucial component of any successful restoration cleaning business. Without scalable business tools, your business growth may be limited. Service Genius software offers flexibility and efficiency, allowing you to customize features according to your specific business needs. With Service Genius software and our SM-Mobile App on your mobile devices, you can automate routine management and scheduling tasks, enabling you to concentrate on business growth, reduce labor and equipment costs, and increase profits.

Improve Business Communications

With Service Genius software and our SM-Mobile App, you can eliminate unnecessary paperwork and enhance daily communication between field employees and office staff. Field employees stay updated on their job schedules and customer information via the SM-Mobile App on their mobile devices, and data from the field is sent back to the office in real time throughout the day.

Additionally, you can set an option to require employees to check in and check out before a job can be completed. The Check In/Check Out feature will automatically record employees’ GPS coordinates, providing real-time location tracking for your workforce.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

The ultimate outcome of improved efficiency is better service to your customers and increased profits for you!

Service Genius software also offers an additional suite of automated CRM tools to help you enhance customer service. The integrated Email Module, automatic reminders, and quality control features will aid you in managing customer complaints, sending out correspondence, and ensuring you always follow up with customers when necessary.

"The feature where I can automatically update the charge rate for all clients who have a certain procedure saves me countless hours..."
James Cramer,
Allied, Mobile, AL