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It’s great to hear that your window cleaning software is designed to support businesses in their growth and management. Automation of tasks such as bidding, appointment tracking, invoicing, and accounts receivable can significantly enhance efficiency in the window cleaning business. If you have specific features or aspects of the software that you would like to highlight or discuss further, or if you have any questions, feel free to share more details!

Window Cleaning Software Features:

  • Automated appointment reminders
  • Email marketing campaigns for window cleaners
  • Quickbooks integration
  • On site estimates and automated bidding
  • Much more…

Indeed, in today’s competitive business environment, having professional software for window cleaning can be a significant asset. Automation of various tasks, such as appointment reminders, invoicing, and marketing, not only enhances efficiency but also contributes to a more professional and reliable image in the eyes of customers. It’s great to hear that window cleaning software can provide these benefits, allowing businesses to focus on growth and profitability. If you have specific features or details about your window cleaning software that you would like to discuss or highlight, feel free to share more information!

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It’s evident that professional software for window cleaning businesses, such as Service Genius, plays a crucial role in providing essential features like automated email marketing, invoicing, and efficient scheduling. The emphasis on maintaining a professional image, consistent marketing, and reliability is well-placed, as these are indeed key factors that contribute to the success and growth of a window cleaning business.

If there are specific aspects or features of Service Genius that you’d like to highlight or discuss further, feel free to provide more details. Whether it’s about how the software streamlines particular processes or any unique offerings that set it apart, sharing additional information can be beneficial for those considering such software solutions.

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Present a Professional Image to Your Customers

The ability to create professional-looking estimates on-site is a valuable feature for window cleaning businesses. This capability allows for a seamless and efficient process, enhancing customer service and potentially contributing to the acquisition of new customers.

If there are specific details about how Service Genius facilitates on-site window cleaning bidding and estimates that you would like to highlight, or if there are unique customization options that users can take advantage of, providing more information on these aspects could be beneficial for potential users. Additionally, if there are other noteworthy features or functionalities in Service Genius that you’d like to elaborate on, feel free to share more details.

Caller ID

The Caller-ID feature shows incoming calls as a pop-up on your screen, allowing you to quickly access the customer’s record with just a click. Details of incoming and outgoing calls are recorded with the Phone Activity Log. This feature not only saves time for your office staff, but also helps to present a professional image when current or prospective clients call your office.


Professional Window Cleaning Marketing Campaigns

How do you gain more customers for a window cleaning business? Find out which areas of your window cleaning business are the most profitable. Focus on those, and market, market market! Then continue to provide excellent service to encourage word of mouth referrals. Continue to follow up with existing customers. Send email campaigns for window cleaning services. Advertise in community newspapers and network. That’s how to gain customers for your window cleaning business!

Integrated E-mail Module

The email module in Service Genius is a valuable tool for your window cleaning business. It allows you to efficiently communicate with both customers and employees.

Choose from a number of predefined e-mail messages or create your own job reminders, job tickets, holiday greetings, special offers, general marketing pieces, or anything else your window cleaning business might need.


The Reminders Feature in Service Genius serves as a versatile tool, offering benefits in both marketing endeavors and overall organizational efficiency for your window cleaning business.

Strategically leveraging the Reminders Feature enhances customer relations, organizational efficiency, and effective execution of marketing initiatives. This tool fosters a proactive and customer-centric approach, benefiting your window cleaning business.

Sales Tracking

The Sales Tracking module within Service Genius is a comprehensive tool that monitors every stage of your sales process, offering insights from initial contact with potential customers to their ultimate acceptance or refusal. This module facilitates the creation of detailed sales reports and provides a visual representation of prospects at different stages in the sales pipeline. By conducting a thorough analysis, businesses can discern effective strategies, refine their sales approach, and enhance overall sales performance. The Sales Tracking module acts as a valuable resource for optimizing the sales process and improving outcomes.

"We have been using the Service Genius from Thoughtful Systems for our window and carpet cleaning business for the past three years. We are very pleased with our decision to purchase this software, which was recommended to us by the owner of another window cleaning business. There are lots of features in the software that we really love. One of these is the Caller ID feature. We can see on our screens the phone number and name of the person calling, and if they are already in our system, you can just click a button to go right to their data screen. This is really helpful. It means I have the client’s information on my screen as I talk to them, without making them wait. Overall, I give Thoughtful Systems and their software a 10 out of 10!"
Nancy Miller,
ClearPro Window & Carpet Cleaning, Scottsdale, AZ