Service Genius - QuickBooks Online Interface

Service Genius is an easy-to-use program that interfaces with QuickBooks Online!

That means that, if you are just starting to use Service Genius, and you have customer data and other information in QuickBooks, you can transfer that information easily with our interface program.

Similarly, if you are just beginning to use QuickBooks and have information in Service Genius, all that data can be transferred to QuickBooks online in minutes!

Service Genius Multi Device Support

The QuickBooks-Service Genius Interface will then allow you to do the following on a regular ongoing basis:

  • Transfer new customer information from Service Genius to QuickBooks (and vice versa).
  • Transfer invoice information from Service Genius to QuickBooks.
  • Transfer payment information from Service Genius to QuickBooks.
  • Transfer Service Categories (Work Codes) from Service Genius to QuickBooks and vice versa.



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